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Breaking Behaviors Down to their Basic Elements

Daniel Skultety

Pictured Above from Left to Right: Me - Dan Skultety, Hozel and Sandy - Our Boxer Mixes, and Heather - My Wife

I’ve been around dogs since I was a little kid (my first dog was a Rottweiler that was 9 months older then me) but came to dog training a bit later in life.  I grew up in the Midwest before earning my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.  As I started my engineering career it always felt like it was a great job but not really a true passion.  After getting married, moving to Phoenix, and picking up a couple dogs of our own I truly realized how much having dogs in my life really meant to me.  To help make a greater dent in the dog world I started volunteering for local rescues, shout out to Boxer Luv Rescue and Heidi’s Village, and educating myself on dog behavior and dog training.  It started with a few books on dog behavior and then proceeded to more formal education.  I went through the Fear Free Shelter volunteer training, graduated from the CATCH Canine Academy, became a Fear Free Certified Trainer and mentored under Sara Miles of Smiles Dog Training.  My experiences have allowed me to work with a variety of clients, all different breeds of dogs, and I take great pride in the behavioral fosters that have come and gone through my house.  I find the most rewarding part of being a dog trainer is to watch clients and their pets learn and master new skills.

I would encourage anyone looking for a trainer to ask them what kind of CE (continuing education) they have done.  I routinely attend educational events so that I can keep improving my skill set as a trainer and would be happy to provide a list of any recent CE that I’ve completed.



Certified Dog Trainer

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Fear Free Certified Professional
FFCP (Trainer)

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ProPetHero First Aid

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