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Proper training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care.  As a professional Dog Trainer in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area I’d enjoy the opportunity to work with you to create your ideal companion animal.  My animal training services are designed to give you and your pet the individual attention and care they need.  My primary focus is one-on-one individual consulting through both in person and through virtual services.

Black Dog


Also known as Individual Lessons.
If you are looking for in home training or if your dog needs one-on-one help with a specific behavioral issue, Behavior Consulting with Element Dog Training is a great option. These sessions allow me to interact directly with you and your dog while we talk about what your goals are and create a training plan for your dog.  Training plans are customized to you and your dog so that you can efficiently get a desired behavior(s) from your dog.  These sessions will be scheduled at your convenience and will be performed in a location most conducive to training which may include your place, my place, public parks, or other public places.  We work with the dog in front of us so you won't receive some generic formula but instead you will get a customized training plan personalized to fit your pet’s needs, personality and your lifestyle.

Taking the dog for a walk


Not all clients and dogs are in a position to have a trainer show up at their house and start training.  Utilizing virtual services offers increased flexibility by utilizing phone calls and virtual meetings for our training sessions.  Virtual services can be a great way to have a conversation on puppy basics, talk about available dog resources, discuss bringing a new dog into your house, or to go through a training session when being in person isn't possible.  This can also be a great tool for helping a reactive or fearful dog who would be to stressed out by a stranger showing up at the house.  This can also be a great service to discuss roadblocks and progress.

Rescue Puppy


Depending on you and your pet, a Day Training program may be the best fit for your dog.  Day Training includes less owner involvement and includes me working directly with your dog on identified behavioral issues.  This style of training takes full advantage of my skill set to help your dog learn a new behavior.  This helps build a foundational skill set to make it easier for the family to take over and generalize the behavior

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